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From the supply and installation of Fire Detection Systems to the Integration and Maintenance of security solutions, Corporate Business Security is dedicated to offering the highest quality products while ensuring that the service we offer is world-class, every time.
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Since 1996 Corporate Business Security has grown from 2 people to a highly skilled team of 22. We are dedicated to delivering the best results while remaining customer centric and offering world-class products and services.
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It is extremely important to maintain every aspect of your security system to ensure that you stay up to date and ready for all possible contingencies. If you feel that your business might be lacking in certain areas of security, fill in our assessment form so that we can help you minimize loss and increase the safety of employees and customers.


Access Control

We supply and install Access Control systems…

Intrusion Detection Systems

Breaking into a business is…

Fire Detection

It is extremely important to have an up-to-date…


Monitoring certain or all areas of your business…

Intercoms & Automation

We provide a wide range of intercom systems…

Turnkey & Maintenance Solutions

We provide Turnkey…

PA and Evacuation Systems

Emergency messages delivered via Public Address

Complete System Integration

Are you faced with a situation where multiple brands…

Design and Upgrades

The security industry is constantly being updated due to newer technologies …


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