Access Control

We supply and install Access Control systems that restrict entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorised persons.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Breaking into a business is synonymous with loss in revenue as products might be stolen or service is disrupted.

Fire Detection

We provide a fully integrated Fire Detection system that allows for detection of fires before serious harm will occur.


Monitoring certain or all areas of your business is an important activity in the modern day. You can prevent crime, reduce employee theft,…

Intercoms & Automation

We provide a wide range of intercom systems, from 1-1 to entire building intercom integration systems. This also includes boom gates,…

Turnkey & Maintenance Solutions

We provide Turnkey & Maintenance Solutions so that you can have a completely integrated security system that works for you,…

PA and Evacuation Systems

Emergency messages delivered via Public Address systems can be used to convey accurate and timely messages regarding situations…

Complete system integration

Are you faced with a situation where multiple brands of physical access control systems in your business aren’t talking to each other?

Design and Upgrades

The security industry is constantly being updated due to newer technologies being introduced into the market.